Album Review: Emfasis' Husky LP [MEX]

Twitter: @Kiddieriot While there’s still a large underground network of hip-hop artists producing amazing music, I sometimes miss the sound of nineties indie rap. The obscure samples and grainy beats that served as …
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Album Review: Moldes' Aguas de Marte [PER]

When you hear about serpents that grow feet, Genghis Khan, and dreaming with Christ---who has “uñas vinílicas” and “manos acrílicas”---you know you’re in for some heavy psychedelia. Combine that with a dose …
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EP Review: Bondi Blaster's "¡Lo Juimo!"

If you’re not of Argentinian ancestry or aren’t accustomed to talking to an Argentine in Spanish, then your first conversations with this album might reflect the same sonic-riddled experience I had traveling …
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