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The Best Music Videos of 2013

And here we are. Another year. Another list. Another reason to make gifs. This is one of the best parts of our job, to be able to sit back and celebrate the visionaries in our field. The videos on this list made us think, some made us cry, some made us mad, others made us nostalgic. They all moved us in some profound way to articulate something about art and in this at-times-awful world, that’s a beautiful thing.

So sit back and celebrate with us. Here are our collective picks for best videos of 2013, Remezcla style.

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Roberto Carlos Lange is one busy and creative dude. The Florida-via-Ecuador native is one of those artists who keeps a finger in various paint jars (or however that metaphor goes). Our favorite of his alter egos is his work as musician Helado Negro. His video for “Dance Ghost” perfectly encapsulates what his latest album, Invisible Life, is all about. The electronic tune is a melancholic mix of El Guincho and Neon Indian that evokes an odd feeling of dissociation, of being somewhere physically but not there spiritually or mentally. The video’s protagonist brings this feeling to life when he makes his way to a large but empty home devoid of anything, even furniture, and dances alone. “There’s no one home, just the ghosts who dance alone…” - Afroxander