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23 Latino Music Videos To Watch On Halloween

Yeah, Halloween is around the corner and its imminent arrival always conjures up extravagant celebrations—as well as themed editorial efforts, of course. I mean, who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s the sexiest holiday of the year, by far. It might get scary at times (what with all the occult-ish-ness) but isn’t that the very same reason it’s so cool in the first place?

So, we decided to gather the craziest, bloodiest, and creepiest Latino music videos out there, just for you. Don’t get too excited, though. They’re just relatively new videos. And while we were at it, we realized that Mexico has been shooting a lot of these sorts of clips for a few years now. Why exactly?

It’s no secret that Mexico is connected to mystical and pagan beliefs and even worships ‘Saint’ Death, but recently, a lot of music videos just seem to enjoy splashing blood all over the place; resorting to horrific witchcraft, rituals, sacrifices; or just capturing pure creepy shit. And this is why you’ll eventually feel like it’s mostly Mexican videos, but that’s Mexico’s fault. Don’t worry, there’s a little bit of everything from here and there.

Now, if you’re not going to hit up any Halloween costume parties or Day of the Dead celebrations, because you’re either a wuss or just too shy to make a fool of yourself, checking out all of these videos during Halloween night is a nice alternative. It’s not that they’re really scary at all, but they sure fit the special occasion perfectly and, maybe, will even get you in the mood for pagan partying.


Sour Soul’s latest work of art—and I call it that because calling it just a video would be unfair to the great artistic effort behind it—is just mind blowing. Its whole masonic-inspired art direction is insane. The story lasts seven minutes and it’s something Guillermo del Toro and Roman Polanski would totally dig, or even the late Kubrick (think of his last Eyes Wide Shut days)—if they listened to D.F. indie stoner rock, that is. Which is almost completely improbable.